Friday, March 31, 2017


On March 17th we celebrated C turning seven with a big ole party Shopkins style at Cheerville.

The kids had the entire place to run, jump, tumble, slide and bounce.

So far, it's been her best birthday EVER (her words) but who wouldn't love a giant gym where you can run wild and scream for two hours with your best friends.

How is she seven?

(part of the birthday gang)

Everything was pretty wild that day and I barely got any pictures but I loved getting to watch all the kids have such a good time and C absolutely enjoyed spending her day with all her friends.

She was super surprised to see her cousins walk in from out of town.

On her actually birthday, we celebrated by having dinner at her favorite place, McDonald's.

If you haven't caught on, we have one Shopkins obsessed girl on our hands.  We eat, sleep and breathe all things Shopkins.  Poor U even walks around saying 'Shockins'.

With that, all she has ever talked about wanting is a big box of Shopkins.  Well, we made her dreams come true and her face was priceless as she opened it.

It was completely worth the mess it made.

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